Kerry Cow

The Kerry Cow

Here at Murphys we use Kerry cow milk, which we source locally right here in Dingle, from farmer Colm Murphy.

Rarer than the Giant Panda

This cattle breed are quiet special. They originated in County Kerry, and are used primarily for milk production. In fact, Kerry cattle are known as the first breed ever bred solely for dairy. ​The globules of butterfat in Kerry milk are much smaller then those found in other breeds, thus making it easier to digest. As a result it is ideal for feeding to babies and others who find it hard to take fat.

There aren't many Kerry cattle left in the world, and they're considered by some as an endangered breed. There are a few herds in Ireland and the UK, and even some in North America. The USA breeders often collaborate with Irish owners to help protect the breed. ​At one stage numbers were down to just over 1000, but thanks to farmers like Colm Murphy this number is steadily increasing.

Produces a more Easy to Digest Milk