Our Flavours

Made with Real Ingredients

Smooth Chocolate - Seacláid

This exceptionally chocolatety flavour is made with 100% pure Valrhona Cocoa - arguably the best cocoa in the world!

Irish Brown Bread - Arán Donn

Our Brown bread is supplied by McCambridge’s. Once we have our bread it goes into the oven with muscovado sugar for 8 hours to caramelise, only then is it ready for our ice cream.

Kieran's Cookies - Brioscaí

We make the cookies ourselves to get them just right. It took months of research and piles of cookie tasting.

Gluten Free Brownie - Donnóg

As part of our quest for making delicious ice cream, we have created this decadent gluten-free brownie ice cream. These brownies are very tasty, and they are especially suited for ice cream.

However, there is no reason not to enjoy them on their own – as far as brownies go, they are dense, delicious, and surprisingly healthy. Don’t hold this against them, but they are gluten-free and dairy-free.

You can find our recipe for these brownies in the recipe section of our website.

Honeycomb Caramel - Caramel

Our Honeycomb Caramel contains two different honeycomb pieces, which gives it both a melt in your mouth caramel, and a crunchy one.

Chocolate Whiskey - Fuisce Seacláide

We make this flavour using West Cork Whiskey and Valrhona Chocolate. The earthy flavour and alcoholic tang of a strong whiskey add a great deal to chocolate, whether it be in truffles, in a sauce or in ice cream. We call this flavour “Fuisce.”

Dingle Sea Salt - Salann

Our best selling Sea Salt ice cream comes straight from the Atlantic Ocean, we make our own salt for this flavour, from Dingle sea water we collect at Bín Bán beach. Its filtered and boiled down and ready for our ice cream.

Butterscotch - Imreog

We’ve built this flavour from scratch to get a rich butterscotch flavour. It’s made with moscavado sugar, butter and salt. 

Mango Sorbet - Sorbet Mango

This flavour is light, refreshing and exotic! An added bonus - it's dairy free, wheat free and suitable for vegans. We use Irish spring water to make our mango sorbet.

Rum and Raisin - Rum & Rísín

This time of year, as the weather gets colder, we tend to like ice cream flavours that are a bit deeper and a bit warmer. The alcohol in rum raisin will make the ice cream feel less cold on the palate, and we think it’s a perfect flavour to serve coming into winter.

Raspberry Sorbet - Sú craobh

We use 5KG of raspberries for each batch. It’s made with Irish spring water. Dairy Free and Vegan.

Lemon Curd - Gruth líomóide

This Lemon Curd is produced by the award-winning producer Crossogue Preserves in Co. Tipperary, what makes this ice cream so good is the combination of zest and preserves. We love any kind of citrus zest in cooking – it’s brilliant and fresh and can lift almost anything. The preserves add richness and fullness that can’t be found with just lemon juice and zest. If you didn’t know what you were tasting, you would recognise lemon straight away, but there might be some difficulty in placing the earthy undertones that makes this ice cream so distinctive. It’s far more complex than any lemon ice cream we have ever come across.