Ice Cream Cookies

Ice Cream Cookies

Ice Cream Cookies

For the Dingle Food Festival, we did something that’s very delicious and simple – ice cream cookies!

We hoped those of you who made it to the festival, enjoyed it. It’s really one of the best times to be in Dingle, and there’s certainly no shortage of things to do and eat!

If you want to make these ice cream sandwiches at home, here’s how to do it:

Murphys Ice Cream Cookies

1. Make our Chocolate chip cookie recipe, here >

2. Wait until the cookies are cool.

3. Spread a half scoop of sea salt or vanilla ice cream.

4. Spread a half scoop of chocolate ice cream (or dark chocolate ice cream) on the flat side of a second cookie.

5. Press the two cookies together.

6. Put them in the freezer to harden (if the ice cream is too soft, it will be much harder to eat it).

7. Enjoy!